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Application Agreement

Submitting this application electronically is as legally binding as a traditional ink signature. The information provided, alongside any financial documents, is for obtaining credit and is affirmed to be accurate and complete. By submitting, you confirm that principals, guarantors, or sole proprietors involved have consented to a credit inquiry based on their personal credit history, holding Lendtek and its affiliates harmless.


Lendtek is authorized to perform investigations into the credit and financial standing of the applicant, including officers and principals. This may involve obtaining credit reports and other financial data. The applicant also expresses interest in a Lendtek Business Credit Card, agreeing to the terms and conditions provided.

Business Credit Card Disclosures:

By agreeing, the applicant confirms:

  • The authority to make this application on the business's behalf.

  • The accuracy of the application information.

  • Acceptance of the Business Card terms, subject to change, and acknowledgment that the issuing bank may obtain and use credit information for evaluation.


The business assumes responsibility for all card usage, with a pledge of security interest in its assets to secure debts. Guarantors unconditionally guarantee the repayment of all debts. The agreement includes standard legal and regulatory disclosures, including adherence to the USA PATRIOT Act and the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act.

By submitting, you consent to receive SMS and email communications from Lendtek regarding account status, renewals, or promotions, with options to opt out.

This adaptation focuses on maintaining the legal and procedural essence of the original agreement, tailored specifically for Lendtek's context.

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