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Understanding a Term Loan

A traditional term loan is a lump sum of cash you pay back with regular payments plus interest, over a fixed period of time. This type of loan is extremely flexible and can be used for almost any business purpose.

Who Qualifies?

Here’s the low-down on qualifying:

Plenty of businesses can qualify for a traditional term loan as long as they've been in business for a minimum of two years, have good credit score, and are generating revenue.

However, not all term loans are the same; the interest rate, length of the term and maximum loan size depends on your business revenue and credit rating. Since traditional term loans have longer repayment periods than short-term loans, your business’ financials and credit score are more important.

Term loans come with a variety of structures and terms, from short-term loans with daily payments to five-year loans with monthly payments. At Lendtek, we can structure the best loan for your needs.

Most Businesses Who Qualify Have:

Annual Revenue: $300,000

Credit Score: 620

Time in Business: 2 Year Minimum

To learn more about Term Loans, find out what documents you need to apply, and to submit an application visit our Term Loans Page.

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