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How to Reopen Your Small Business

Businesses that have been shut down or operating at limited capacity are thinking ahead to what their post-Coronavirus reality might look like. If your business is ready to reopen after COVID-19, you'll need an effective and safe plan for both staff and customers.

COVID-19 has impacted every business differently and several factors make the task of reopening difficult for business owners to navigate. Safety guidelines may differ from state to state, so companies with multiple locations across the country need to stay up to date on the various guidelines. Additionally, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has not stepped in to issue overarching rules for employers or clarify their responsibilities for keeping employees safe, making opening even more confusing.

Despite these challenges and uncertainty, when it’s time to reopen your business after COVID-19, we’re here to help you! Here are some important resources to utilize to formulate your plan:

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